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  • Works with your Payroll
  • Real-time access to your earnings
  • Fee free digital banking
  • Pay bills and shop online

Why choose Money?

  • Make Payday Anyday
  • Lowest cost* banking option
  • Text alerts to help you manage your balance (carrier fees may apply)
  • Cash Access at ATMs Nationwide
  • Funds are FDIC Insured**
  • Use this card everywhere Debit Mastercard is accepted
  • Load multiple deposits to one card
  • Available on iOS and Android
  • Pay bills and shop on-line
  • Early Access to Federal Benefits (coming soon for Payroll)
  • No check cashing fees
  • 24/7 Cardholder Support
  • Load cash at Green Dot locations Nationwide
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Health is Wealth

Offer payday anyday to meet the needs of your team when they need it the most with instant pay.

You're getting paid today.

Early wage access means you can get out what you put in on your schedule!

Instant Money Transfers

Give more than just a check to your employees with our custom cards and digital banking on mobile.


Tips for using your card

  • Download the Money on Deposits.com in the iOS and Android store.
  • When setting a PIN, do not write the PIN on the card, or give the PIN to anyone.
  • Setup SMS text alerts to monitor transaction activity from mobile device (carrier rates may apply).
  • Use the app and Email/SMS text alerts to avoid checking the card balance at ATMs.
  • To avoid fees at the ATM, select cashback at merchants when you run your card as debit.
  • Should you notice suspicious activity on your account, please contact our customer support immediately. If you wait to report fraudulent activity, you may be liable for those transactions(see Cardholder Agreement for details).

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